Miller/Weldcraft TIG Torch Conversion Kit (AK-150MFC)

MIler Weldcraft TIG Torch Kit - AK-150MFC (Modular Flex Complete) AK-150MFC

by Miller $358.70

Weldcraft TIG Torch Kit - AK-150MFC (Modular Flex Complete)

Genuine Weldcraft® AK-150MFC (Modular Flex Complete) Kit allows welding operators to customize their standard WP-17 Series TIG torch for their specific application, saving time, money and the hassle of changing over torches. In fact, the kit converts into 28 different torch styles while still using the existing cable! .


  • All-in-one kit features collets, collet bodies, nozzles, torch heads, handle and more to simplify inventory and storage, and reduce parts costs.
  • 28 configuration options eliminate the need to purchase and carry extra torches, and reduce downtime associated with torch changeovers.
  • Easily removable head and coil combination unit features silicone rubber insulation to prevent overheating that can lead to unnecessary downtime or rework.
  • 2% Ceriated tungsten provides excellent arc starting for a range of amperage settings and performs well for AC or DC processes. (.040", 1/16" and 3/32" diameters included.)


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