Miller Welding Helmet - T94i 260483

Miller Welding Helmet - T94i 260483

by Miller $399.00

Miller® T94i™ Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet with Integrated Grind Shield 260483

The Miller® T94i™ welding helmet features integrated grind shield and Miller's ClearLight™ auto-darkening lens technology that provides a bright, crisp, clear view of the weld puddle. The T94i integrated grind shield is the largest in the industry. With 44 square inches of clear grind shield viewing, all your grinding and other non-welding tasks can be performed quickly and safely.

The Miller T94i is designed to perform in high-heat*, industrial welding applications. The matte silver finish reflects heat while the aluminum heat shield protects the auto-darkening welding lens. The lens operates in Weld, Cut, Grind and X-Mode™, which is ideal when welding with low amperage DC TIG, with obstructed views of the welding arc or while welding outdoors. It is capable of DC TIG welding down to 3 amps and has four arc sensors.

The T94i helmet shell comes standard with shade 5 side windows to improve peripheral vision while welding and easily accommodates a Miller half-mask respirator under the hood.


  • ClearLight™ lens technology optimizes contrast and clarity in welding and light states - reducing eye strain and operator fatigue
  • Integrated grinding shield has 44 square inches of viewing area, the best in the industry.
  • Aluminum heat shield protects the digital lens in high amperage applications
  • Weight: 25.7 oz. (729 g) - Lightweight, well-balanced design reduces neck torque, minimizing operator fatigue and strain.

  • Matte silver shell reflects heat to keep helmet and user cool
  • Shade 5.0 side windows enhance peripheral vision, amplifying sense of surroundings.
  • Chiseled shell design provides optimal skin coverage while easily accommodating a Miller® half mask respirator.
  • Convenient quick release provides easy access for front cover lens changes
  • Helmet locks in upright position, allowing user to keep helmet on for non-welding tasks.
  • Digital Controls With Four Operating Modes -
    • Weld Mode™ Shades #8 - 13
    • Cut Mode™ Shades #5 - 8
    • Grind Mode - Light State #3
    • X-Mode™ Shades #8 - 13
  • X-Mode Electromagnetic Arc Sensing for: Sunlight interference outdoors, Low-Amperage TIG, Pipe/Curves, Obstructed Sensors & Hidden/Cavity Welds
  • Infotrac™ 2.0 allows for monitoring of arc time and arc count
  • Half-Shade settings allow for precise lens adjustments based on the environment
  • Simplistic digital lens interface allows for easy adjustment with or without gloves.
  • Integrated mag lens holder
  • Lithium batteries with solar assist; up to 3,000 hours of life
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2015 standard
  • Improved headgear features additional settings for better fit & comfort

    Comes complete with
  • 5 outside cover lenses
  • 2 inside cover lenses
  • 2 side window covers

  • Helmet bag

    *May not be suitable for some amperage/temperature extremes.

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