Miller Classic Series Black Fixed Shade (10) Flip Up (263038)

Miller Welding Helmet - Classic FS#10 Flip Up 263038

by Miller $83.00

Miller Welding Helmet - Classic Fixed Shade 10 Flip Up Auto Darkening Lens 263038

The Miller Classic Flip Up fixed shade 10 welding helmet is an excellent entry-level auto darkening welding helmet. Welding lens flips up and out of the way allowing user to perform grinding and finishing operations without removing helmet. Lightweight, comfortable and economical, the FS#10 flip up is the ideal occasional-use welding helmet for farm and hobbyists.

Not recommended for low amperage TIG welding (Below 20 amps), industrial applications or repetitive tack welding applications.

Classic Series FS#10 Features


  • Fixed shade #10 and light state #3
  • Lens speed, 1/3,600 second
  • Viewing area 5.07 square inches
  • Solar-powered, no batteries required
  • Ratchet-style headgear with precise control
  • Low-amperage TIG rating (20 amps)
  • Includes magnifying lens holder
  • Weighs only 14 oz (396 g)
  • 2-year limited warranty

  • Replacement cover lenses included

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