Miller Spoolmate 3035 MIG Spoolgun 195016

Miller Spoolmate 3035 MIG Spoolgun 195016

by Miller $664.99

Miller Spoolmate™ 3035 MIG Spoolgun is a highly reliable and economical spool gun with excellent feeding to weld aluminum.

  • MIG welding (GMAW) with Aluminum and other soft alloy wires

    Light-duty Aluminum Fabrication

  • Lightweight industrial spool gun rated at 150 amps at 60% duty cycle.
  • New! Cable sheath and sping strain relief.
  • 20 ft weld/control cables provide reach and accessibility to your work.
  • Lightweight and well-balanced to improve operator comfort.
  • Spool canister protects the wire and allows you to easily see the spool.
  • Easy to remove barrel assembly.

    NOTE: When ordering this item for use with a Millermatic® 185, Hobart IronMan™ 210 or IronMan™ 250, please order required diverter switch above.

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