Miller/Smith Nitrogen Purge Regulator - HVAC Purging 30 Series 30-450-

Miller/Smith Nitrogen Purge Regulator - HVAC Purging 30 Series 30-450-580 (Optional 6ft Hose)

by Miller $89.99

Smith® Nitrogen Purge Regulator - HVAC Purging 30 Series

Smith® nitrogen purge regulator is specially designed to meet the specifications of HVAC refrigerant purging applications. This regulator is used with nitrogen to test an HVAC system to locate leaks and to purge an area for installation and repair. Its compact size is suitable for use where space is limited.

  • Dependable High Pressure Seat - Sure-Seat technology block debris from entering the high pressure seat for a positive gas tight seal time after time. A copper-nickel filter encases the high pressure seat, protecting it from debris, allowing many years of dependable performance.
  • Improved Diaphragm - constructed of durable reinforced, laminated Neoprene
  • Polycarbonate shatter resistant gauge lenses
  • Auto reset safety relief valve
  • Extremely Accurate - accurate within +/- 2% of actual gauge reading for both pressure regulators and flowgauges.
  • High Capacity - Series 30 has high flow capabilities of over 2800 cfh.
  • Quality - Industrial grade Series 30 regulators are made in the USA from high qualtiy, corrosive resistant materials. Series 30 regulators are covered by a 3 year limited warranty. New design features provide extreme accuracy, dependability and extended service life.
  • Decay/Rise - As pressure drops in the gas cylinder, regulator outlet pressure will automatically increase. This is known as decay/rise. Smith® Series 30 regulators are designed to minimize this effect resulting in reduced gas costs, reduced cylinder handling and improved accuracy.

    OPTIONAL 6' heavy duty refrigerant charging hose with fittings (please specify below)
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