Miller/Smith CO2 Flowgauge Regulator - 30 Series 31-50-320 (Optional 6

Miller/Smith CO2 Flowgauge Regulator - 30 Series 31-50-320 (Optional 6ft Hose)

by Miller $100.50

Smith® CO2 Flowgauge Regulator - 30 Series

Series 30 regulators from Smith represent the latest in extreme dependability, accuracy and durability in gas regulation.

  • Dependable High Pressure Seat - Sure-Seat technology block debris from entering the high pressure seat for a positive gas tight seal time after time. A copper-nickel filter encases the high pressure seat, protecting it from debris, allowing many years of dependable performance.
  • Improved Diaphragm - constructed of durable reinforced, laminated Neoprene
  • Polycarbonate shatter resistant gauge lenses
  • Auto reset safety relief valve
  • Extremely Accurate - accurate within +/- 2% of actual gauge reading for both pressure regulators and flowgauges.
  • High Capacity - Series 30 has high flow capabilities.
  • Quality - Industrial grade Series 30 regulators are made in the USA from high qualtiy, corrosive resistant materials. Series 30 regulators are covered by a 3 year limited warranty. New design features provide extreme accuracy, dependability and extended service life.
  • Decay/Rise - As pressure drops in the gas cylinder, regulator outlet pressure will automatically increase. This is known as decay/rise. Smith® Series 30 regulators are designed to minimize this effect resulting in reduced gas costs, reduced cylinder handling and improved accuracy.

  • Gas service - CO2
  • Compact Design
  • Machined Brass Body
  • Neoprene/Nylon Diaphragm
  • 2” (51mm) Diameter Gauges
  • Protective Inlet Filter - Sure-Seat™
  • Self Re-Seating Pressure Relief Valve
  • 0 - 4000 Inlet Gauge
  • 10 - 50 SCFH Delivery Gauge

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