Miller Gold Star 652 (903402) 650AMP, 3-Phase Stick Welder

Miller Gold Star 652 Stick Welder 903402

by Miller $5,105.00

Miller Gold Star® 652 Stick Welder 903402

The Miller Gold Star® 652 is a 650 amp stick welder that operates on 3-phase input power. It is known by welders the world over for rugged, reliable performance and superior arc characteristics.

  • Stick (SMAW)
  • Air Carbon Arc (CAC-A) thru 3/8" carbons
  • Flux Cored (FCAW)
  • MIG Spray Transfer (GMAW) Welding with Voltage-Sensing Feeder

    Manufacturing Industrial
    Steel Building Erection
    Pipe Welding
    Maintenance and Repair

  • Built-in arc control for Stick welding allows operators more flexibility when welding in tight areas where sticking electrodes is a problem.
  • Hot Start™ makes it easy to start difficult electrodes.
  • Simple control panel provides easy, efficient operation.
  • Unique Fan-On-Demand™ operates only when needed reducing noise, power consumption, and the amount of airborne contaminants pulled through the machine.
  • Automatic thermal overload protection with indicator light.
  • Enclosed circuit board provides additional protection by eliminating contaminants which cause premature failure of components.
  • 15 amp 115 VAC duplex receptacle allows operators the flexibility to run tools from power source without the need for additional 115 VAC power in the weld area.
  • Power efficient for exceptional value and return on you investment.
  • Power cord strain relief.
  • OPTIONAL digital voltmeter and ammeter.
  • Remote control capability allows operators fine tuning capability at an extended distance.
  • Hot Start™ - Used on some Stick (SMAW) machines to make it easier to start difficult-to-start electrodes. Used for arc starting only.
  • LVC™ Line Voltage Compensation - Keeps output of the power source constant regardless of fluctuation in input power ± 10%.

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