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MIG Welding

MIG welding, also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) or Wire Feed Welding, is a versatile welding process that is relatively easy to learn. A MIG system includes a constant voltage welding power source, a wire feeder, torch, shielding gas, gas regulator, and welding wire. The process of joining metal using MIG is rather simple. When you activate the trigger on the MIG gun, three things happen: welding wire feeds out, the welding wire becomes electrically "hot", and shielding gas begins to flow...

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TIG Welding

TIG Welding, also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or "Heli-Arc" Welding is a welding process that utilizes a non-consumable Tungsten electrode to create an electric arc. Although usually more difficult to master than MIG welding, TIG is capable of precise, high quality welds. A TIG system includes a constant current welding power source (AC output for aluminum and magnesium, DC output for most other metals), torch, shielding gas, gas regulator, and ground cable...


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Stick Welding

Stick welding, also know as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) is an electric arc process that uses a consumable flux-coated rod as the electrode and the filler metal. Required equipment is a constant-current welding power source, electrode cable with electrode holder, and ground cable with ground clamp. Welding begins by striking the welding rod on the metal to be welded, with a motion similar to lighting a match. Once the arc starts, you then move the rod in the direction you want to travel...

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Plasma Cutting

Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC) is an electric arc process that can cut all electrically conductive metals from the thinest gauge to metal in excess of 2 inches. It requires a plasma cutting power source with torch, electricity, and compressed air. Patterns can be cut free-hand, by tracing a drawing, or by following a template. Intricate and repetitive patterns can be cut effectively with a computer...

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Metal Sculpture

Creating metal sculpture is an excellent way for individuals to express their artistic side. Like any craft, metal sculpture can involve a myriad of tools and techniques, and take years to master. Mahany has developed a two day program to introduce people to this incredible art form. In this program, students are taught fundamentals of...

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