Training: Plasma Cutting

Online registration for training classes is done through the Arc + Flame Website. Arc + Flame Center is a partner company to Mahany Welding Supply and is conveniently located at 125 Fedex Way. Click here to signup for a Welding Class at Arc + Flame


Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC) is an electric arc process that can cut all electrically conductive metals from the thinest gauge to metal in excess of 2 inches. It requires a plasma cutting power source with torch, electricity, and compressed air. Patterns can be cut free-hand, by tracing a drawing, or by following a template. Intricate and repetitive patterns can be cut effectively with a computer controlled system. The process is simple: lay out the metal to be cut, turn on the plasma machine and compressed air, place the torch on or near the metal (depending on the torch configuration), activate the trigger, and begin cutting. Many first- timers refer to plasma cutting as "putting a knife through butter". Steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel... if it's metal, you can cut it with plasma. 



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