Retail Gallery

Mahany Welding Supply is located just 15-minutes from downtown Rochester in a suburban location with ample parking. Our shop includes a modern retail gallery that features a large variety of equipment, safety gear, consumables and tools. We guarantee that all our customers will receive superior service from a knowledgeable and welcoming staff.  We also have a great display of professional metal sculpture from local artists.

Demonstration Lab

Our newly remodeled demonstration lab provides customers the opportunity to test our products before they make a purchase. The 1,200sq.ft. demonstration lab is an extension of our traditional show room and is an integral part of the facility. Our lab is equipped with an assortment of currently popular welding machines, safety gear and welding related accessories, all ready to use within minutes. Mahany customers can make informed decisions on products prior to making a purchase.

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Mahany Welding Supply

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